Dolly Tubs

Pair of Dolly Tubs

A Pair of original English dolly tubs - iconic pieces that make fabulous planters!

Zinc plated dolly tubs replaced wooden washing vessels in the late 19th century, and they continued as a mainstay of wash day until the 1940s, when washing machines and plastic bowls took over! Genuine zinc plated dolly tubs have become desirable, even iconic items, which are often recycled into wonderful garden planters.

Authentic dolly tubs can be tricky to get hold of, with garden centres selling reproduction ones. However at Violet Grey we always have a number of original dolly tubs in stock, in a range of sizes and conditions.

The really do make perfect planters, as you can see in our photographs.

English, ranging from circa 1900 - 1940s.

Size: Height 55cm Diameter:45cm

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