19th Century Garden Cloche

A cast iron Victorian garden cloche with new glazing.

This English cloche, dating from around 1880, has recently been reglazed so is in superb condition.The cast iron frame wasn’t touched during the restoration. and still has its original paintwork.

“Cloche” comes from the French word for “bell”, as the first garden cloches were bell-shaped. They were used in the 19th century to protect plants from the cold - and are still often found in domestic gardens these days.

This cloche has a square base and a triangular top, which lifts off allowing you easy access for planting and tending. Thanks to the reglazing, it could still be used for its original purpose - protecting your delicate young plants this winter.

English, circa 1880

Height 47cm; Width 45cm; Depth 45cm

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