How to make a Christmas wreath

As we roll into December traditional evergreen wreaths start to appear on doors around the country, they’re decorative, classical and perfectly festive.

At Violet Grey our ethos is all about making beautiful spaces, be it your garden, garden room or home. With this in mind we put together a blog post detailing how you can make your own Christmas wreath for 2018.

Violet Grey Christmas Wreath

Materials you will need

  • A selection of evergreens, we've used conifer & pine leaves but what you use is ultimately up to you. Other ideal greenery includes; euonymus, aucubas, bay, box or ivy - just to name a few.
  • Hazel shoots roughly 60-80 cm in length (alternatively use a floral foam ring)
  • Biodegradable string & florists’ wire
  • Holly berries
  • Pine cones
  • Time: 30 mins per wreath

Tools you will need

  • Garden shears
  • Knife / strong scissors
  • Gardening gloves

Step 1:

To construct the wreath base take one of the shoots and gently bend it (carefully) into a circle, before tying it off creating a hoop shape.

Now add another hazel shoot, bending it like the previous one. This is then tied off to the already-formed hoop. Repeat this process about 4 - 5 times at varying points all the way round the circle.

Tip: Leave tails on your knots, these spares can be used later when attaching more greenery.

Step 2:

With your based now formed you can start to build up the body of the wreath. We started with the most widely used greenery (conifer leaves) and tied it all the way around, repeatedly adding until we had a thick body of material all the way around.

Step 3:

Now take your florists wire and cut into 20 cm lengths before folding in half. Take the folded end and attach into the scales of the pine cone. This will leave you with a pine cone with a wire fixing of about 8 cm that will allow you to attach it to your wreaths base. Repeat this process 10 - 15 times.

Step 4:

Now take your holly berries and following the same principle as the pine cones, tie of the stems of the berries with your florists wire before attached them to your wreaths base.

Tip: while symmetry is great for the base, try varying your foliage, pine cones and holly berries when attaching to the wreath and avoid grouping the same materials in a single area - you'll end up with a more natural looking mixed effect.