Hello, I'm Caryl Tincknell, and I want to help you create a wonderful outdoor living space.

I started Violet Grey in 2010, but I've been sourcing vintage garden salvage for much longer than that. Violet Grey grew from my own love of garden design, and from all my experience of foraging for the most exciting vintage garden accessories.

A different sort of decorative garden service

The main difference between us and other architectural salvage and antique dealers is our holistic approach to your garden. We don't just sell statement pieces - we want to help you create your perfect outdoors living space, one that suits your lifestyle and reflects your tastes. I'm always here to advise and guide.

Your garden is an extension of your home. It can be an inviting place to relax or entertain, just like the indoor rooms in your house.

How we find our garden antiques

Vintage garden accessories have become extremely popular; and gone are the days when you could simply go on to eBay and pick up a bargain! The challenge these days is finding the right stock, and that's how I can help you...

Every month, I spend a day in the Paris flea markets, and a further few days at fairs elsewhere in Europe, tracking down fantastic antique and vintage garden furniture and accessories. The rest of the time, I'm busy searching UK auctions for everything from classic cast iron garden benches, to antique garden statues.

How Violet Grey works

We don't restore the garden antiques that I find, although if we need to, we'll carry out light conservation or repair work. Once the item is ready, we photograph it, and it's uploaded immediately onto our website and social media.

However, I think that what really makes Violet Grey work is our real love for what we do. I have a genuine passion for making outdoor spaces beautiful, and will guide my customers towards the right look, as opposed to simply selling objects.

If there's anything else you'd like to know about Violet Grey and our collection of garden antiques, please don't hesitate to contact me.